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Specialties: At Urban Energy, we give you the tools to break the damn rules, to enjoy the journey, make it up as you go, expand your mind, challenge your body, drink the wine, embarrass your children and move with vitality into your happy place. We all want to live long enough to create the life we want. At Urban Energy, we promote your unique strengths with a holistic approach to combat illness, disease, depression, loss of sex drive, loss of sexual stimulation and orgasm or just the humdrum that happens when we stop growing, laughing and wanting more. Aging can be fun, vital and full of contribution. At Urban Wellness, we promote natural and medical weight loss as well as the Holy Grail of anti-aging medicine which is Hormone Optimization. Our staff offers aesthetics and life coaching services. Come in and see us! Established in 2019. Urban Wellness was born out of my desire to make our own rules, laugh till I lose my breath, trek the route of the Crusades into Spain, learn to surf, taste feta cheese and marinated goat meat while in Greece, dance the tango, roll down the grassy hill near my home, jump rope with my grandson, swim Alcatraz, go on a game show, wear the beaded dress that my daughter thinks is scandalous, learn to ski and have the most passionate sex of my life. I wanted to be 50 and in the best shape of my life. It's almost 2020, and I'm not about to take it slow. I deserve to make a life of passion. growth and excitement. We know so much now about our bodies, our mind, and our spirit. With the right tools, we have to make the life we want. Everyone has their own dreams and if you are ready to grab yours, come in and visit us.


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